Registration for the 2024 edition reopens on June 12th!
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E-Semi de Paris

Congratulations to the 8,000 runners who took part in the Harmonie Mutuelle e-Semi de Paris!

We all ran together in the biggest e-race in France: what a team we are! We hope you had fun hitting your goal of running 21 km together with your teammate. Your next challenge is coming up on 5 September, when we'll wrap up the summer season in the streets of the French capital. We hope to see you and your teammate there! We've put together an unprecedented series of events to go along with the Semi at the end of the summer.

All you need to know about the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris connecté is here!

The Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris is challenging you
in the run-up to the race that will wrap up the summer season on 5 September 2021! !



The idea is to run an e-half marathon (21 km) in pairs. As the year begins, challenge a friend or someone in your family to go the distance with you as a dynamic duo. The e-Semi de Paris is free and open to everyone, so spread the word!


Making running part of your life again, challenging a friend, getting some air after a long day at work, setting yourself a new challenge, getting back into the world of running or just sharing a nice experience with thousands of other virtual runners —any excuse is good to join in on the fun!


Mark the weekend of 6 and 7 March, when the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris usually takes place, on your calendar. In this year marked by COVID, we want to roll up our sleeves and celebrate running in every dimension, even if it means we have to do so remotely. Running an e-half marathon in pairs is a great opportunity to "live and breathe running" for a weekend. You and your teammate can run at the time that best suits you on Saturday or Sunday. Remember to follow the health regulations in place in your neck of the woods. 😉

Sign-ups close on Friday 5th March at 6PM for those wanting to run on Saturday from 6AM

Sign-ups close on Saturday 6th March at 6PM for those wanting to run on Sunday from 6AM

Okay, let's cut to the chase

Follow these 7 steps

  1. Sign up as a Team Leader on time to and enter your team's name (100% free!)
  2. Forward the team name and password to your partner so they can sign up as a teammate
  3. Before the end of February, you'll receive an e-mail with a link to download the HM Semi de Paris connecté app. You can also share your race number on social media!
  4. On the app, choose the distance each of you will be running. You won't be able to change the distance after that, so be careful because it will also impact the distance of your teammate. It must add up to 21 km. 😉

  5. Choose Saturday 6 or Sunday 7 January to run the Semi as a duo at the same time as hundreds of other teams around the globe!
  6. Time to start training!
  7. When the big day comes:
    • no need for a smartwatch, you just need to carry your phone with the app open. Just launch your race directly from the app when you start running to be followed live. Ditto for your teammate!
    • no need to run at the same time as your teammate either. You just have to run while the race is open (Saturday and Sunday).

What will the best duos get?

You can win many gifts by participating in the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris Connecté!

  • 6 adidas ULTRABOOST 21 running shoes for the fastest men, women and mixed pairs
  • 2x2 Garmin connected watches (FORERUNNER 45 et FORUNNER 245)
  • 2 gift boxes « Sensations & Émotions » by Harmonie Mutuelle
  • 10 6-months premium subscriptions to adidas Runtastic
  • 10 sport bags and running adidas accessories
  • 2 OVERSTIM.s sports nutrition packs
  • Bibs for the Harmonie Mutuelle Semi de Paris 2021 (September, 5th 2021) for all the winners of the gifts above.

Prizes will be up for grabs:

  • by random draw; or
  • by choosing the best race duo pictures posted on Instagram. Check out our social networks: and to be sure to participate!